CaseyCake is heading overseas!

I will be volunteering in the Balkan country of Serbia.

I'm working with BelgrAID, who runs a kitchen and warehouse that feeds 1-2,000 refugees daily in Belgrade, Serbia. These refugees, mostly unaccompanied minors from Afghanistan and Pakistan, are trapped in camps and abandoned warehouses as the countries they seek to settle in have closed their borders. I’m expecting it to be an eye-opening experience, and hope that my kitchen skills will be put to some good use.I’ll be there for two months beginning the end of August. So, Casey Cake will be put on hold for a while. I’ll be making some cakes to fundraise a bit for my trip, so stay tuned! #foodishope #wewelcomerefugees

If you'd like to support me financially, please visit this page. Donors will receive a sweet thank you gift :).

Look out for Casey Cake's return this November!